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When consulting our website, cookies may be placed on your terminal (computer, tablet, mobile).

This page is designed to help you to better understand what cookies are, how they work and the tools to use to configure them.


What is a cookie?


A cookie is a piece of information placed on your hard drive by the server you visit. It contains several data:

- The server name
- A unique identification number
- Eventually an expiration date...

This information is sometimes stored on your computer in a simple text file that a server accesses to read and record information.


What is the purpose of those cookies?


Cookies have different functions. They can allow the person who has sent them to recognize a user, from one visit to another, thanks to a unique identification number.

Some cookies can also be used to store the contents of a shopping cart, others to save the language settings of a site, and others to make targeted advertising.


Why do we use cookies?


They allow us to do several things:

- The proper functioning of the site and all of its features: PHPSESSID
- The audience measurement and site performance: _utma, _utmb, _utmc... _utmz
- The interface with Google Analytics: _ga
- The social network implementation : act, c_user, csm, locale, presence...

There are also cookies issued by third parties to track targeted advertising operations or share content via social networks for example.


How to accept or decline cookies?


By continuing your visit to our site, you agree to accept the use of cookies. In case you want to personalise the cookie management, you will find below the various processes to be performed on the main browsers:

- Apple Safari
- Google Chrome
- Internet Explorer
- Mozilla Firefox


For more information on cookies, visit the CNIL website.